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Most Democrats don't agree with the progressive agenda

Delawareans Don't Need to Vote Democrat


The Progressive Agenda

Real Solutions


  • Pour more money into Delaware's failed public schools

  • Eliminate the referendum system so that school taxes can be increased without limit

  • Eliminate Charter Schools despite their success

  • Penalize parents who choose to send their kids to private schools

  • Promote teachers solely based on seniority and not their skills and abilities

  • Implement unrestricted school choice so that parents can send their kids to the best school even if it's in another district or another state

  • Money follows the chlld so that more parents can afford private schools

  • Fair teacher accountability standards

  • Divert money from overpaid administrators in order to increase teacher salaries without higher taxes


  • Implement policies that have resulted in increased crime everywhere that they were enacted

  • Defund the police

  • Eliminate cash bail, solitary confinement and the death penalty

  • Put repeat offenders back on the street as quickly as possible

  • Enact new gun laws that will prevent citizens from being able to defend themselves and be ignored by criminals

  • Fail to prosecute over 70% of the criminals that are arrested on gun charges

  • Pander to criminals instead of supporting law abiding citizens

  • Provide better training for police officers and fully staff police departments

  • Put violent criminals and repeat offenders in jail

  • End Delaware's revolving door justice system

  • Stop illegal gun sales by vigorously prosecuting offenders including the use of stiff Federal gun charges 

  • Require the Attorney General to effectively enforce existing gun laws

Heath Care

  • Implement a socialized, single payer heath system

  • Put your heath care into the government's hands and take treatment decisions away from your doctor

  • Eliminate private health insurance

  • Restrict the availability of hospitals and other health care facilities

  • Provide free heath care to illegal aliens at taxpayer expense 

  • Allow individuals and businesses to buy health insurance from the carrier of their choice, even from out of state

  • Allow groups to form Association Health Plans in order to negotiate for better rates

  • Bring additional health insurance providers into Delaware

  • Increase the availability of heath care by eliminating Certificate of Need laws and encouraging large university heath systems to expand into the State

  • Eliminate Balance Billing and other schemes used by providers to inflate their revenue


  • Enact Delaware's Green New Deal

  • Replace fossil fuels with unreliable alternatives

  • Drastically increase gasoline taxes

  • Force everyone to drive unsafe "fuel efficient" vehicles

  • Force Delaware's chemical and petroleum industry to close resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs

  • Utilize all sources of energy in a safe and effective manner

  • Take action to decrease utility rates in Delaware

  • Promote research into maximizing the efficiency of existing energy sources while lowering emissions

  • Grow Delaware's energy related businesses and bring more high paying jobs to the State

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